Why Peshtemal / Towel

Firstly; we would like to emphasize that turkish towelhammam towel and fouta towel all correspond to Peshtemal.

Lets take a look why turkish peshtemal towel ;

  • Peshtemals are thinner than terry towels.
  • They dry out quickly.
  • They take up less place and this makes them more suitable for travels.
  • You dont have to carry the sand to your house because you can easily shake the sand out of your towel when you leave the beach.
  • They totally cover you up as their sizes are big enough and can be used as sarongs.
  • They can be used as scarves or shawls with their rich colours and texture options.
  • They get softer after some washes opposed to the terry towels.
  • When you prefer peshtemals, you will be supporting the artisans who weave these towels in a part of their houses and also the people who tie these towels tassels.
  • You will also be supporting the people who tie the tassels in their houses.
    Last, we think a terry towel can beat a peshtemal towel only in weight.