Peshtemal / Towel

Turkish Cotton/Bamboo Peshtemal, Turkish, Bath , Beach towel, Beach clothes, SPA, Hammam, Yoga Towel

Peshtemal is firmly woven and voluminous, yet it is a fine thin natural cloth. Due to the cotton natural fibers, the peshtemal feels very soft and cuddly on the skin. The Peshtemal is very skin-friendly and free of irritant substances. The Peshtemal fits very well to the contemporary pattern. You may use the Peshtemal as a bath towel, beach towel, beach clothes, scarf or stole, it is also very suitable as a tablecloth or small bedspread.

General Properties of Peshtemal 

  • Ecologically
  • Extremely absorbent
  • Dries very fast
  • No chemicals
  • Very suitable for sensitive skin
  • Low weight (340 g) and space saving
  • Machine washable (30 degrees, can shrink easily)
  • Made of natural fiber cotton